Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Updated Ophthalmologist Email List!

Ophthalmologist Email List helps you to develop highly targeted Email Marketing Campaigns, Direct Mail Campaigns for your product or service. These highly trained specialists are an excellent prospect for Pharmaceutical Companies, Clinical Equipment and Supplies and more. Ophthalmologist Mailing List provides access to the list of actively practicing Ophthalmologists, Retired Doctors, Professors, Students. Ophthalmologist Database is verified and frequently updated.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ophthalmologist Email Lists and Mailing Lists

Ophthalmologists are physicians who diagnose and treat diseases of the eye, including glaucoma and cataracts; vision problems such as nearsightedness; and eye injuries. Since ophthalmologists perform operations on eyes, they are considered to be both surgical and medical specialists.

Ophthalmologist Mailing List provides the list of Actively practicing Ophthalmologists, Retired doctors , Ophthalmology Professors and Ophthalmology Students. Ophthalmologist Email Lists are recommended for Health care Agencies, Medical Equipment Suppliers, Health Equipment Manufacturers and Hospitals. With Ophthalmologist Mailing List you can reach all the Ophthalmologists who are working and practicing in registered hospitals, private hospitals, etc.

Ophthalmologist Database contains every known office based ophthalmologist across globe. Ophthalmologist List contains all the contact information & specialty information which helps the marketers to offer new products or services.


Job Title/Function
Contact Name
Geographical Location
Phone Number
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Email Address
License Year
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Years in Practice

Data Sources:

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